Is Hiding Facebook Like Counts a Big Deal for Pool Companies?

Is Hiding Facebook Like Counts a Big Deal for Pool Companies?

Earlier this year, Instagram announced that it was removing public “like” counts from its platform for seven countries. Now its parent company, Facebook, has announced that it has begun hiding Facebook like counts in a test throughout Australia as of late September.

Many suspect that Facebook will be hiding Facebook like counts throughout many other nations once the initial testing is completed.

Why Facebook Like Counts are Being Concealed

One key piece of information many are overlooking is the fact that the publisher of a post can still see the number of Facebook like counts on his or her content. The general public, however, will only be able to see if and which mutual friends have “liked” the post.

Facebook decided to move ahead with this change to prevent users from comparing themselves to others on the platform. The network is concerned that like counts have had a destructive impact on its community, leaving individuals feeling inadequate if their content doesn’t receive as many “likes” as the next person or business.

What This Means For Pool Companies

Understandably the removal of Facebook like counts has sent many advertisers into a tizzy. But the fact of the matter is that concealing the number of likes a piece of content has received can help weed out the mediocre or poor content and give the good content the attention it deserves.

Human beings are generally strongly influenced by the actions of others. By not being able to see how many “likes” a piece of content has received, they will be more compelled to go beyond the headline and read the piece before handing over a “like” or another emotion of choice.

So what does this mean for pool companies?

  • Catchy, relevant and descriptive headlines are a must-have
  • Content should be succinct and to-the-point
  • Creating engaging and helpful high-quality content (text, graphic and video content) is paramount
  • All content must be accompanied by a scroll-stopping image, GIF or video
  • Brand personality will help you establish a strong audience

Having a positive presence online is going to become increasingly important with this potential upcoming change to North American pool companies. There is no better time than the present to start building a credible presence on Facebook and Instagram.

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