Social Media Posting Service: Keep Your Fans Engaged Year Round

Now that summer is officially over, what is your plan to keep your potential customers engaged with your business? Do you have one, or do you just need a break? While we can certainly understand why you would feel pretty exhausted after a long summer, now is one of the most crucial times to cultivate leads.

If you checked out our “Headlines” post last week, you noticed some pretty awesome examples of how social media helped small businesses.  Facebook in particular is where your business needs to be.  An infographic by Mashable stated that the average U.S. Facebook user spends 7 hours and 46 minutes on Facebook each month! How much do you think they engage with the Yellow Pages or a newspaper ad? You need to be where your audience is.

Fully utilizing your Facebook page can take time and resources away from you.  It may be a “free” online communication tool, but it’s certainly not free when it comes to your time. Plus, some of you may not be all that comfortable managing Facebook when you’re not particularly in to Facebook yourselves.

That’s why we’ve created our Social Media Posting Service.  This service will generate 20 days of Facebook posts for your business that are pool industry-related and customer-friendly. The posts are strategically designed to strike up a conversation among your Facebook fans in hopes to increase your “talking about this” rate and the potential for sharing and exposure to new leads.  Plus, it helps keep your company top of mind during off-season months when people aren’t generally thinking about pools. When they are ready to revisit their backyard ideas, you will want to be first on their list.

Although this service will help you in the time it takes to come up with what to say for your business Facebook status, you will still need to be active on your page to field questions and comments from your fans.

Take the guess work out of Facebook and let us partner with your on your page management. We’ll be happy to help!

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