Yelp Online Reviews Play Key Role in Purchase Decision Making

Yelp Online Reviews Play Key Role in Purchase Decision Making

When people talk about online reviews, Google is likely what first comes to mind. As it turns out, Yelp reviews for pool companies may be just as – if not more – influential. In fact, one study by FreshChalk showed that Yelp reviews appear in the top 5 results for 92 percent of local Google queries.

A Yelp-commissioned study carried out by Survey Monkey involving more than 6,000 adult reviewers revealed that 97 percent of adults will do business with a company they find on Yelp. 93 percent of the same respondents also said that they use Yelp to compare businesses before making a purchase decision.

More Important Highlights from the Study

The study also found that people who read online reviews on Yelp have a high purchase intent.

  • 51 percent made a purchase within a day
  • 90 percent made a purchase within a week
  • 98 percent made a purchase within a month

These numbers have increased since a 2016 Nielsen study where only 42 percent said they’d make a purchase within a day, 79 percent within a week, and 92 percent of respondents “sometimes, frequently or almost always” made a purchase after visiting Yelp.

Online Reviews Not the Only Information Consumers Value

Having a solid star rating and glowing reviews is one thing. The study’s respondents also shared that they were looking for other key pieces of company information, including:

  • If the business has a trade or business license (75 percent of respondents)
  • If the business makes it easy to request a price estimate online (71 percent of respondents)
  • If the business has posted images of completed projects and their cost (69 percent)
  • What makes the business unique, such as being family-owned or having multiple locations (58 percent)

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