5 Website Design Essentials for Pool & Spa Companies

5 Website Design Essentials for Pool & Spa Companies

Pool and spa website design has evolved from building a website that’s clean and informative to now needing to be pleasing to both real-life consumers and search engines. Because we work in a unique industry, there are some specifics that every pool and spa firm should have included on their website.

1. A Beautiful Gallery

A gallery may be a “nice to have” option for some industries. But when it comes to pool and spa companies, this is a must-have if you want to attract visitors, claim social shares, and have contracts signed with new clients.

Here are some other things to consider in terms of having a gallery with gorgeous poolscape and outdoor living images on your website:

  • Pages with images get more page views
  • Images bring your product, services and pool projects to life (this is especially true if you take advantage of Pool Marketing Site’s Photo Alive 3D services!)
  • Pictures give you a real boost in the search engine results (we know how to optimize images so they work even harder for your website)

Professional images work best. But don’t underestimate the camera you may already have on your smartphone. Pictures shot with your Android or iOS device will likely be better than having no images on your website at all.

2. A Quote/Estimator Page

Visitors are going to want to know what they’re in for before they reach out and contact your pool company. Having an instant quote or estimate page on your website will allow you to seamlessly vet visitors and in return send warmer, better quality leads your way.

3. Educational Materials

Pool and spa ownership isn’t always easy. Many people are coming to you for advice on what to consider when building a pool, how much it will cost and how to properly maintain their pool and spa. Having educational content including regular blog posts, white papers and eBooks will go a long way in nurturing leads and establishing your company as a trusted resource in the industry.

4. A Variety of Video Content

Those on your website are going to want to see real video of completed poolscape projects, testimonials from happy clients, and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks of the outdoor living and poolscape design process. Cisco has also predicted that by 2020, 82 percent of all consumer web traffic will be some form of video content.

5. MyStaycation Builder

Never before has the user experience been so important to website design. There are several components to consider when thinking about the user experience, including page load speed and if your website is mobile-friendly.

MyStaycation Builder offers your visitors the ultimate user experience. This design tool provides visitors with everything they need to put together their dream backyard.

Not only is MyStaycation Builder fun for visitors. The information that the visitor provides you with is sent right to your sales staff so they know what the visitor is interested in and how they can better assist them in their outdoor living design journey.


For more tips and friendly advice on Houston website design, feel free to reach out to the online marketing experts at Pool Marketing Site by clicking here!

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