Are Bad Reviews Taking Money Out of Your Pocket?

Are Bad Reviews Taking Money Out of Your Pocket?

Your (Online) Reputation is Everything 

In the pool and spa industry, we all know the importance of online reviews. In today’s ever-changing marketplace, a business with negative reviews probably won’t last long. If you have good reviews on Facebook and Google you’re doing pretty well. But what about all those potential negative reviews sitting out there? Do you even know where they are?  

Just a few negative reviews can’t be that bad, can it? It can. In fact, just three negative reviews can lead to a business losing 59% of its potential customer base. Four negative reviews can take that up to 70%! They can be even more impactful in product categories where customers do a lot of online research, like when they’re shopping for a pool or spa. 

How many times have you, as a consumer, researched a product or store with a lot of great reviews only to have your eyes gravitate toward the few negative ones? Negative reviews can single-handedly destroy your business.

Protecting Yourself Against Negative Online Reviews

So what’s the solution? It’s pretty simple in fact. More reviews. The kind of reviews you want. Everybody’s motivated to get online and vent about a negative experience by blasting negative reviews all over the internet. But, not so many people are motivated to leave positive reviews. It doesn’t seem fair, but it’s the truth. 

Traditionally, getting positive reviews takes a lot of effort. It’s a simple idea, but not easy to do. First of all, you have to provide excellent customer service. Which you already do. But then you have to get customers to go online and leave a positive review. Not to mention having to constantly motivate your employees to ask for them. And in the pool and spa industry where the sales cycle can be long, each lost review can mean lost revenue. 

It can be a real headache that causes a lot of frustration while also adding to the overall stress of making sure your business succeeds. 

Can’t There Be a Better Way to Manage Your Online Reputation? 

It’s not easy to take control of your online reputation on your own. You can’t really put that burden on your hard-working staff either. But what if there was a solution that could: 

  • Monitor all relevant review sites?
  • Automate the process of asking for reviews?
  • Simplify boosting your number of reviews? 
  • Encourage loyal long-term customers to leave a review? 
  • Motivate your employees with an automated leaderboard?
  • Respond to reviews from different sites all in one place? 

For one, you’d probably sleep better at night. But you’d also be actively protecting your vital online reputation. And it’s pretty obvious that a good online reputation is now a basic cornerstone of success in the pool and spa industry. So what if all the “what ifs” above could really happen? 

They can with our Internet Reputation Protector. For half the price of similar services, Internet Reputation Protector is an all-in-one, easy-to-use reputation management system. It puts you in control of your online reputation from one simple to use dashboard. In other words, you don’t have to Google search yourself or go to your Facebook page over and over to see if you got any new reviews. It’s all right there. All your reviews from the top 50 review sites. 

It’s Time to Take Control of Your Reputation on the Internet 

With 93% of consumers using online reviews to make purchase decisions and 94% of respondents in a separate survey saying negative reviews caused them to avoid a business, staying proactive with your reviews while gathering new ones has to be a core value of your business. This is especially vital with highly-engaged customers shopping for a pool or spa. The right reputation management system can make it easy.



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