Are You Retargeting Your Ads? Why You Should Be!

Are You Retargeting Your Ads? Why You Should Be!

We’ve all experienced it. When after searching for a product or service, ads for the very same or related products start popping up in every corner of the World Wide Web. This is known as ad “retargeting,” and it can be an effective marketing strategy for pool and spa marketing companies.

When someone visits your website, for example, their computer stores a unique “cookie” which tells the Internet that they have visited your site. Our ad technology is able to locate these cookies and then determine which ads will be the most effective depending on where a visitor is in the buying cycle.

Retargeting saves you from having to start the sales process from scratch every time someone looks up your product, services or company name. This time-saving technology gently guides them along a purchase journey, allowing you to nurture a prospect and increase your chances of making a sale or getting a contract signed. 

Retargeting ads goes beyond simply nurturing leads and generating more sales.

1. A Cost-Effective Solution

Your retargeted ads are being sent to those who have already visited your website, engaged with your brand or similar products. These people are a lot more likely to take action, giving you the strongest return on your investment.

2. Gain Valuable Insights

Retargeting gives advertisers a clear view of where your retargeted customers are being recaptured once they leave your site. This goes a long way in helping us road map future marketing campaigns and it will drive more qualified traffic to your pool and marketing website.

3. Make Your Brand More Memorable

The more someone sees your pool and spa company name, the more likely they’ll remember you when it comes to digging in and moving ahead with their outdoor living project.

Explore Your Retargeting Ad Options with Pool Marketing Site

Here at Pool Marketing Site, we offer an array of ad retargeting solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

Site Retargeting: Puts your company name in front of those who have already visited your website

CRM Retargeting: Expands your reach by targeting both existing and similar audiences

Search Retargeting: Hones in on potential customers already on the hunt for products/services in your industry or category

Event Retargeting: Extremely relevant retargeting which sends messages to event attendees through advertisements on their mobile devices

Specialized Facebook Retargeting: A custom-made advertising strategy that introduces your brand to interested and relevant audiences

Interested in learning more? Check out our website or give us a call now at (281) 940-3798.

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